Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reveiw: David Blaine: Dive of Death

1 word: WOW! This was my first David Blaine special and it's amazing! First let's talk about the stunt.

Blaine's stunt this time was to stay upside down on a wire for 3 days with no food or water. Pretty cool, huh? But then he does his "Dive of Death"! Blaine jumped from the top of his rig, floated down, then ascended up into the air and disappeared. Here are the other tricks he did.

*Bullet Catch: It's so cool! The best part is they do it in slow motion!

*Extreme Burn: The best change to turn 5 1 doller bills to 5 100 doller bills!

*Fraud: Daniel Garcia's (One of Blaine's Favorite Magicains and freinds) bill trick where you move the seal from one side to the other.

*Prediction: A women pick a card. Then he takes the Ace of Spades and on the bottom says the card they picked.

*Silly Putty: Blaine takes a quarter and stretched it like silly putty.

*Melted Away: This is my favorite card trick he did. Blaine had a woman choose a card sign it, then put it back in the deck. Blaine had another woman choose a different suit. He held the deck in his hand, which visibly melted away, leaving only the chosen suit and the signed card.

*Matchbook: A person picks a card and marked it. They then sandwiches it in his hands. Then a person lights a match from a matchbook. A person then thinks of a different card as the match was held under his hand. Then he blows out the match and the card in his hand was the card he was thinking of. The first card? It was the matchbook.

*Ambitious Card: The classic trick David Blaine's version.

*Coin Bend: A person signs a quarter, then hold it in a closed fist. After everybody touched her fist, it was bent.

*Butterfly: Blaine calls for a butterfly and lands on his hand.

*Paper Jump: Blaine made a little piece of paper jump from his hand to a little girl’s hand.

*Card Jump: A girl thinks of a card, cut the deck, then flicks the deck. Half of the deck flips up and the card were she flicked was her card.

*Strange Travelers: This is one of Blaine's favorites. Blaine and his victum (in this case Orlando Bloom) each get ten cards. Blaine shows Bloom his ten cards and asks him to think of one of them. Then his card he was thinking of dissapered! Now Bloom has 11!

*Coin Dance: There are 4 cell phones on the table. He had the owners of the phones call the other phones, then put a quarter on the plate. The quarter started dancing, shaking and vibrating.

*Wrong End: Blaine eats the end of a signed bill. Then he trys to do the classic: spitting the piece back on. But on the wrong end. Woops!

*Cap thru Bottle: In this trick, he takes a cap of of the bottle and asks someone to try to put the cap in the bottle. It won't go in. Blaine took the cap, slapped it on the bottom of the bottle… and the cap jumped inside the bottle. He then had another spectator hold his hands near the bottom of the bottle, which drops off by itself.

*You're the President!: Blaine had a man take a cell phone picture of another man, then struck an outstretched dollar bill with the phone. The second man’s face appeared on the bill, in place of Washington’s face.

*Random Numbers: Blaine had random spectators call out random numbers. He then pulled out a lottery ticket with each of the chosen numbers.

*Bullseye: Blaine had a spectator choose and sign a card. Another man shuffled the deck. Blaine sprang the cards out, then threw a dart. The selected card was on the dart.

*eXile: Blaine drew three Xs in a triangle on a man’s hand, then placed a quarter between all three. One by one, he wiped the Xs off, then picked up the quarter… all three Xs were underneath.

He also did a trick dedicated to Houdini where one of the strongest man punches Blaine in the gut twice!

He also talked about his childhood. I thought it was cool.

Score: 9/10!!!